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A division of House of the Friesians trainers and breeders of Royal Friesian Horses owned and operated by Caio & Gerard Paagman based in British Columbia, Canada


About Us

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  • Caio and Gerard Paagman [owners of House of the Friesians and owners of HorseTaxi.ca] have been working with horses their whole life: training, breeding, competing, showing, film industry, etc., etc. / and of course they ride and carriage drive themselves too!
  • And on their farm in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia they still organize equestrian events and activities like training horses, giving riding and carriage-driving lessons, etc.
  • For many years Caio & Gerard had organized horse back riding and carriage driving camps on their farm in the mountains of British Columbia – in 2016 they rode and carriage drove 10 of their horses across the US from California to Florida: an epic journey that took them 4 months – a documentary has been made of this journey and has won several first prices at different film festivals; see: https://thecaravanfilm.ca/
  • They care about animals in general and specifically horses…..from very small equines to the biggest draft horses and everything in between.
  • For many years they transported horses + tack and gear all over North America – over 1 million miles of horse transportation through North America is on Gerard’s records
  • Keywords for Caio & Gerard and their family are: safety and welfare, family, joy and happiness!

Prices & Legal


$1,200 per whole day or part of a day for semi truck and 53 semi trailer with full air suspension [a day starts and ends at midnight] starting point and end point are postal code V0A1K5 in Canada.


Driver included for a maximum of 12 hours on duty per day [on duty means driving or loading/unloading, helping, etc.]. we respect all rules and regulations for drivers and our employees and we will be in compliance with US and Canadian rules and regulations [Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators].


Extra cost: $2.70 per driven mile from start to finish [start and finish are from postal code V0A1K5 in British Columbia, Canada] plus the costs of a possible fuel surcharge depending on prices for Diesel.


  • Currency US$ but you can also pay in CA$ or Euro's.
  • Depending on the transporting and event [locations] we might have to charge a sales tax.
  • While the owner of the horse is responsible for loading and unloading their horses we will be there to help! We have lots of useful experience with loading and unloading horses. However, it is up to the owner to have trained their horses to load and unload.
  • The owner of the horse[s] is responsible for any injuries /mishaps / illness or any other issues to your horses that are related directly or indirectly to loading, unloading or transporting your horses or boarding your horse[s] at House of the Friesians. In case of injuries and/or loss of horses, the owner of the horse[s] will be responsible and can not claim any cost or compensation from HorseTaxi, House of the Friesians and/or Gerard & Caio Paagman.
  • The owner of the horse[s] is responsible for necessary documents for the horse[s] like (international) health certificates, current negative Coggins test (Equine Infectious Anemia), certificate of ownership, etc.
  • When crossing international borders there will be an extra broker’s fee of $180.00 per horse per time crossing a border.
  • Possible cost for medical care or for service from a veterinarian or horse clinic or farrier will be extra.
  • Cost of boarding at the farm of House of the Friesians: $80.00 per day and full service [care, feed, etc.] included – not included are the cost of possible medical care, farrier, medications, and de-wormers, etc.

Example of cost:

  • We pick up the horses from your location and it's 200 miles from the postal code V0A1K5
  • From your location it is 300 miles to the event location
  • We leave from postal code V0A1K5 on Tuesday at 7.00 AM and we get back to postal code V0A1K5 on Friday at 3.00 pm

Your cost for this event will be:

  • 4 days of rent semi truck and semi trailer @ $1,200 = $4,800
  • 1,000 miles of driving @ $2.70 per mile = $2,700
  • Total cost will be $7,500 plus a possible fuel surcharge plus a possible sales tax
  • Driver/helper included for a maximum of 12 hours 'on duty' per day [so if loading horses, feed and tack will take 5 hours then we can only drive that day for 7 hours!].

How your Horse will travel

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  • Freely and loose and not tight in single stalls or box stalls.
  • Your can choose: a single stall or a 12’ x 8’ box stall.
  • Continuously water and top grass hay [timothy]
  • Trailers have full Air suspension and mechanical cooling.
  • Every 8-12 hours we will off load the horses and they will get a corral or pen for at least 8 hours.

What We Use


Semi trucks and 53 horse trailers with air suspension, trailers have lift gates for loading feed and hay, tack and gear, golfcarts, etc.


Trailers have horse compartment for a maximum of 10 horses plus a separate compartment for other goods.


Do you have any questions or are you interested in our service. Give us a call or email and let’s have a casual conversation about your request. We look forward to it.


Private Charters


Ground transportation for hauling horses Canada and the US / max is 10 horses per trip including tack, feed and inventory

Equestrian events [shows, competitions, etc.] and YES, we can haul your tack, hay and feed, golf cart, etc. plus more!

Ground horse transportation services and transportation of tack, gear, and everything else you need to be hauled and yes, your pets are welcome to join too! A maximum weight restriction will apply: Tractor-Semitrailer maximum gross weight 87,100 lbs [= weight of tractor + trailer + load]

Helping to load and to unload [yes, we are horse-people!] your horses, pets, feed, gear, etc. and of course we can load your golfcart, bicycles and ATVs too!

Help with setting up your booth and stalls at your Equestrian event

Take good care of your horses /pets – your horses will have hay and water at all times

Boarding your horses at our facility, when necessary, in barn or corral – our facility is approved for quarantine

Picking up your horses from the airport or bring them to the airport

Help you with organizing international travel for your horses [by land and through the air]

Your horse[s] will have a stall 3’x9’ or a box stall 12’x9’

Usually, we don't tie horses and so they will stand loose in their stall[s]

Horses will have hay and water continuously

Horses will be offloaded every 8-12 hours during the longer trips