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Our Services

  • Ground horse transportation for Canada and the US / max is 10 horses per trip
  • Equestrian events [shows, competitions, etc.] and YES, we can haul your tack, hay and feed, golf cart, etc. plus more!
  • Transportation of tack, gear, and everything else you need to be hauled in a separate compartment in our semi trailers and yes, your pets are welcome to join too!
  • A maximum weight restriction will apply: Tractor-Semitrailer maximum gross weight 87,100 lbs [= weight of tractor + trailer + load]
  • Helping to load and to unload [yes, we are horse-people!] your horses, pets, feed, gear, etc. and of course we can load your golfcart, bicycles and ATVs too! Our trailers are equipped with a lift gate for loading heavy equipment and materials.
  • Help with setting up your booth and stalls at your Equestrian event
  • Take good care of your horses /pets – your horses will have hay and water at all times
  • Boarding your horses at our facility, when necessary, in barn or corral – our facility is approved for quarantine
  • Picking up your horses from the airport or bring them to the airport
  • Help you with organizing international travel for your horses [by land and through the air]
  • Your horse[s] will have a stall 3’x9’ or a box stall 12'x9'
  • Usually, we don’t tie horses and so they will stand loose in their stall[s]
  • Horses will have hay and water continuously
  • Horses will be offloaded every 8-12 hours during the longer trips